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Improve user retention and activation with friendly user onboarding

Help people find 'AHA!' moments with user onboarding

Help people find "AHA!" moments

Greet users in your application. Learn about their motivations and use product tours to guide them through the most relevant part of your application. Turn their interest into desire to explore your product further.

Contextual guidance, step by step for user onboarding

Contextual guidance, step by step

Interactive product tours guide users through your product, introducing solutions to their problems. Customers can experience the value faster, improving the conversion. Product tours motivate them to continue exploring, effectively increasing the retention rate.

User onboarding - Design complex learning paths

Design complex learning paths

Take systematic approach to user onboarding and let them learn by doing. Usetiful is the product tour software enabling you to introduce a consistent learning experience built with interconnected tutorials. Provide your users with engaging learning plan and continually reward them on their way forward!

User onboarding in the right context

Guide in the right context

With Usetiful you can segment your customers and target them with tailored onboarding experience. Depending on the context, optimize for conversions, retention or user satisfaction. Create relevant flows for different pages, languages or user types.

Consistent look & feel of your product

Consistent look & feel of your product

Let Usetiful look like an integral part of your software by configuring its look & feel. Usetiful can be fully white labeled to mimic the layout of your application, avoiding the confusion and preserving great user experience.

How-to guide

User onboarding best practices

Learn how to make a great first impression and boost business metrics with our user onboarding software.

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User onboarding best practices

Why to invest to user onboarding?

First impressions are rough. On average, nearly one in four users will abandon a mobile app after using it just once. Ouch. And once they’ve tried your app and left—they’re gone. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to give your users the right-sized onboarding experience for your product.

Effective customer onboarding is an increasingly important aspect of strategies aimed at solving the problems of retention and revenue generation.

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