Data in EU

European Digital Adoption Platform with privacy at the heart

Who is running the service?

Dobbytec OÜ

Sepapaja tn 6

15551 Tallinn


Registration ID: 14414449

VAT ID: EE102043965

In the context of GDPR, Dobbytec acts as a Data Controller and Data Processor of various information. Find out more in Privacy Policy.

Hosting and security

Usetiful service runs on Google Cloud, with services hosted in Finland.

Usetiful stores and processes information of our clients (customers purchasing Digital Adoption Platform for their digital products) and their end-users (users of digital products provided by clients).

End-user information is stored and processed using the Google Cloud data center in Finland. The sole purpose is to provide services to clients.

Client information is stored and processed with additional sub-processors.

Zero-knowledge design

Usetiful collects, processes and stores only information that is required to run the service. We do not proactively build customer profiles, track metadata about the end-users or store unnecessary information in cookies unless our clients explicitly demand it to achieve their business goals.

With privacy at heart, we appreciate that the same business objectives can be achieved with multiple approaches. Processing unnecessary information represents a liability for us and risk for our clients, therefore by default, we prefer to design our features with a zero-knowledge approach.