Knowledge base

Enhance your customer self-service with a knowledge base solution

Are you ready to elevate your customer support game? Introducing Usetiful Knowledge Base is a self-service platform that allows customers to find answers independently, without relying on your support team for every query.

Knowledge base

How Usetiful Knowledge Base helps with self-service support

Enable quick self-service for customers

Enable quick self-service for customers

By consolidating all your knowledge base information in one central location, customers can effortlessly discover the answers they need. Say goodbye to frustration and wasted time spent searching for information.

Assist customers where they need it most

Assist customers where they need it most

Our innovative interactive assistant provides customers with access to your knowledge base, answering frequently asked questions, recommending articles, and guiding them through product tours. We designed our assistant to simplify the user experience for you and your users.

Liberate your support team

Liberate your support team

Instead of spending hours answering the same questions repeatedly, your team can focus on improving the customer experience. By streamlining processes and reducing wait times, you'll boost customer satisfaction and build a loyal following.


Craft engaging articles with personalized touch

Create captivating articles using Usetiful's WYSIWYG editor, tailoring content to the right audience with personalized elements like customer or company names.


Smart assistant for a customized user experience

Empower customers with an interactive widget that helps them search for articles, receive tailored recommendations, and explore product tours based on their queries without leaving the app. Cater to different personas with targeted assistance.


Organized portal for a streamlined Help Center

Set up a comprehensive help center portal where all your articles are systematically organized into folders for easy navigation and improved user experience.

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Why invest in a knowledge base solution?


of customers point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, and consistent interactions across all channels are critical to delivering a positive experience.(PwC)

up to 50%

reduction in ticket volume, leading to lower support costs and improved customer experience achieved by companies that use knowledge management solutions. (TSIA)


of customers are more likely to repurchase because of low-effort support interactions. (Harvard Business Review)

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