Customer Self Service

Reduce support tickets by enabling customers self-service

Simple user assistance for customer self service

Simple user assistance

Smart tips are the most effective self-service method to assist customers with tricky parts or complex workflows. Errors are prevented as users are continually interacting with friendly contextual hints that show up as the user progresses through the product.

Interactive knowledge base for customer self service

Interactive knowledge base

Leverage your existing documentation and knowledge base articles. Let users access the knowledge base from anywhere in the application. Usetiful allows you to index your existing help articles together with the product tours, creating a single powerful place where users can search for help.

Customer self service onboarding

Self service onboarding

Introduce your product to users using Usetiful product tours and let them explore the application on their own. Your users will enjoy being able to focus on parts relevant for them, with their own speed and on their own terms. In the meantime you will save time and costs for training.

Customer Story

Customer support requests reduced by more than 50%

Clerbo team was looking for a user onboarding tool for their customers, with focus on interactive product tours in customer’s native language. Their customer support team wanted to reduce the number of questions received especially from new customers about “How to start using Clerbo”. Read the story →

Customer Story - Clerbo
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