24/7 support agent for your customers

The only place your users will need to get support. The Assistant serves your users with proactive support and a simple way to contact your support team.

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What is assistant?

Assistant is shown in your application as a simple widget, representing a “one-stop” place to get support. Users can simply search for an answer to their problem and, if not found, know how to contact your support team.

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Index your existing help content

The success of proactive support depends on the quality and amount of support content provided by your product experts. Assistant makes it simple to start by giving the option to aggregate and index all your existing support content, such as knowledge base, how-to articles, tutorial videos, or Product Tours.

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To increase the rate of proactive support, you can improve on the support content based on insights provided by Assistant. In the Reporting you can, for example, find search queries that have not led to a satisfying solution or feedback from users on your help articles.

When the help content does not do its job, it is necessary to provide users with a simple way to get supported by an agent. Usetiful is an open platform - you can simply integrate or embed your existing support tool.

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