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  • 1 product tour
  • 1 page with smart tips
  • 2000 assists / month

Enjoy all these awesome features:

  • Yes Product tour
  • Yes Interactive tour builder
  • Yes Unlimited triggers
  • Yes Smart tips
  • Yes Great support over email or chat
  • Yes Basic localization enabled
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€29.90 / mo

  • Unlimited product tours and smart tips
  • 5000 assists / month

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Yes Onboarding Checklist
  • Yes Customizable themes for native look
  • Yes No Usetiful watermark
  • Yes Usage analytics
  • Yes 14-day free trial
  • Yes 30-day money-back guarantee
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€49 / mo

Regular price: €99 / mo

  • Unlimited tours and smart tips
  • 20.000 assists / month Need more?

Early access - coming soon:

  • Assistant
  • Personalized experience for user groups
  • Advanced reporting
  • Premissions management
  • Localization workflow
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  • Usetiful offers everything you need for running global product adoption at scale.

Everything in Premium and also:

  • Yes Advanced insights and analytics
  • Yes Training of content managers
  • Yes 24/7 support with SLA
  • Yes Support for Desktop applications
  • Yes Cloud or hosted locally
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Frequently asked questions

You need to embed a small piece of javascript into your website to run Usetiful product tours. Installing the code is not necessary if you just work on the content and want a preview.

You can use Usetiful product tours on as many sites as you need. All sites can contain the same embed code.

  • Monthly active users (MAU) represent the number of users who visit a site within a specific period (typically month). Vendors that charge for MAU are charging you even if your visitors do not use their solution.
  • Assist is counted only when an user is actively helped by Usetiful. Everytime user activates a Usetiful element (such as product tour or smart tip), it is counted as assist. That way you are charged only for users that interact with Usetiful.

Your users won’t be affected during the current subscription period. We will notify you upfront and give you enough time to decide whether you wish to upgrade your subscription to a higher tier or to restructure your Usetiful content. If no action is taken, we will automatically upgrade your service to the respective tier with the new subscription period.