Onboarding checklist

Complex onboarding made simple

Onboarding checklist

Easy solution for complex products

Onboarding Checklist is a go-to solution when dealing with a complex product. It organizes multiple product tours into a connected experience, making stand-alone feature onboardings feel like a single journey.

Onboarding checklist

Keep users motivated

Checklists are great when it is necessary to maintain and refresh the motivation of your users - continual gratification is delivered for every tour “checked”. It is scientifically proven that users are more likely to continue if they see their effort was already invested. Usetiful Onboarding Checklist makes their previous accomplishments visible.

Onboarding checklist

Show users their progress

Usetiful Onboarding Checklist remembers the progress of every user, allowing them to take bite-sized journeys and continue where they left. Mental hygiene is important and forcing users through long processes is considered as one of the design dark patterns. Let your users enjoy their achievements, get rest, and continue in their journey with new energy.

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