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Product tours

What are product tours?

Product Tours provide on-screen guidance to your users, helping them to successfully understand your product and find the “aha” moment. Like a software navigation system, product tours provide interactive step-by-step guidance and assist users in getting the value of your product.

Product tours

Perfect for any content

Product Tour feature allows you to create tip balloons, pointers, modals, slideouts, or just to highlight elements on your site. These steps are built as part of an in-app walkthrough guide.

Product tours

Show tours in the right context

Usetiful Product Tours support a wide variety of triggers and delayers, allowing you to build tutorials that feel like an integral part of your application. No longer showing introduction popup when a page is only getting loaded! No longer showing a success-celebration modal, when your application just rejected a user’s input. The strength of Usetiful Product Tour triggers and delayers makes it a great solution for single-page applications.

Product tours

How does it help?

Well made product tour can effectively reduce the user churn by helping users to reliably discover the “aha” moment. They learn by doing how to get the job done in your product.

Product tours

Combine multiple product tours into user journey

Complex products can accommodate multiple product tours - either in form of individual walkthroughs or connected into a User Onboarding Checklist.

Customer Story

Product tours in a single page application

Docsify is an advanced email tracker for Gmail. It helps salespeople to understand when recipients opened their messages, clicked links, and downloaded attachments, allowing them to work with the hottest prospects. Learn more about how they partnered with Usetiful to improve the onboarding experience for new users. Read the story →

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