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Product tours and contextual help increase user retention and engagement in any digital software. Use our platform to improve digital adoption without coding.

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Usetiful - Digital adoption platform

Discover Usetiful’s Digital Adoption Platform

Our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) enhances digital products with controllable experience layer that enables features for user onboarding, customer self service, and feature adoption.

User onboarding - Improve user interaction with your solutions!
User Onboarding

User onboarding

Welcome and guide new users!

Product tours from Usetiful are handy when onboarding new users to your digital product. Let users explore your solution with a friendly and helpful step-by-step guidance.

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User self-service - Provide easily a contextual help
Customer self-service

Customer self service

Immediate assistance for your customers

Help users to orient themselves in your application and empower them to resolve any potential issues. That way you not only provide uninterrupted experience and prevent frustration, but also save your internal support resources. Checklist and smart tips help users to understand information, prevent mistakes and improve their satisfaction.

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Feature adoption - Boost adoption of new features
Feature and product adoption

Feature adoption

Boost adoption of new features

Let your new features shine! Notify users about new capabilities of your digital product with in-product campaigns. Guide your users through new experiences with interactive step-by-step product tours, slowly turning new features into a habit.

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Customer Stories

Why invest in digital adoption and onboarding?

First impressions are rough. On average, nearly one in four users will abandon a mobile app after using it just once. Ouch. And once they’ve tried your app and left—they’re gone. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to give your users the right-sized onboarding experience for your product.

Effective customer onboarding is an increasingly important aspect of strategies aimed at solving the problems of retention and revenue generation.

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