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User onboarding - Improve user interaction with your solutions!

User onboarding

Improve user interaction with your solutions!

On-screen tutorials from Usetiful are useful for you when onboarding new users to your application or introducing new features. Interactive guides increase user adoption by providing guidance when exploring your solution.

  • Onboard new users and increase their engagement
  • Boost adoption of new features
  • Improve user experience through collected feedback
  • Analytics and insights
Employee adoption - Create a dynamic and memorable onboarding experience!

Employee adoption

Create a dynamic and memorable onboarding experience!

Deliver on-screen walkthroughs for your new hires. With interactive guidance through your internal systems and processes, new employees can learn by doing and be productive from day one.

  • Onboard new employees and increase their satisfaction
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce confusion and lag time
  • Watch employees progress
Digital transformation - Deliver changes to your software or processes without disrupting the business

Digital transformation

Deliver changes to your software or processes without disrupting the business.

Usetiful becomes a virtual assistant for your employees, guiding them through changes in your digital platforms.

  • Deliver change faster
  • Reduce the resistance to change and protect the quality
  • Reduce confusion and lag time
  • Smart analytics to identify risks early

Why customers 💙 Usetiful? Because it is…

Build user onboarding in minutes


Usetiful is simple enough for non-technical people and robust enough to provide results with minimal effort! Set up Usetiful in just 3 minutes! Paste a snippet of code into your product, or use our browser extension.

Style and customize tours

Good looking

Let Usetiful look like an integral part of your software product by configuring its look & feel. Your customers will not be confused by bad user experience.



Deliver the results with small increments. Usetiful is designed to help you progress with fast, rapid iterations. You can set up experiments and measure the impact of your improvements almost immediately!



Usetiful empowers you with lots of insights about the user behavior and the user experience of your product. Use the results to iterate and improve where it matters!



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  • 1 product tour
  • 200 assists / month
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Enjoy all these awesome features:

  • Yes Interactive on-site product tours
  • Yes Visual and interactive content editor
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Everything in Free, plus:

  • Yes Usage analytics
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  • Unlimited product tours
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Everything in Plus and also:

  • Yes Dynamic personalization
  • Yes Advanced insights and analytics
  • Yes Training of content managers
  • Yes 24/7 support with SLA
  • Yes Support for Desktop applications
  • Yes Cloud or hosted locally
Customer Story - Calendify logo

User activation increase by 25%

Calendify helps people to book appointments online. The team identified a problem that most users have never completed the setup of their accounts. The simple guided tour from Usetiful helped users to use their accounts to its full potential. The completion rate of the account setup increased by 25% during just one month. Read the story

Why invest in user onboarding?

First impressions are rough. On average, nearly one in four users will abandon a mobile app after using it just once. Ouch. And once they’ve tried your app and left—they’re gone. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to give your users the right-sized onboarding experience for your product.

Effective customer onboarding is an increasingly important aspect of strategies aimed at solving the problems of retention and revenue generation.

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