Increase user engagement with great user onboarding

Usetiful helps to improve customer retention and boost user engagement and activation through great user onboarding experience.

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User onboarding

Improve user interaction with your solutions!

On-screen tutorials from Usetiful are useful for you when onboarding new users to your application or introducing new features. Interactive guides increase user adoption by providing guidance when exploring your solution.

  • Onboard new users and increase their engagement
  • Boost adoption of new features
  • Improve user experience through collected feedback
  • Analytics and insights

Employee adoption

Create a dynamic and memorable onboarding experience!

Deliver on-screen walkthroughs for your new hires. With interactive guidance through your internal systems and processes, new employees can learn by doing and be productive from day one.

  • Onboard new employees and increase their satisfaction
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce confusion and lag time
  • Watch employees progress

Digital transformation

Deliver changes to your software or processes without disrupting the business.

Usetiful becomes a virtual assistant for your employees, guiding them through changes in your digital platforms.

  • Deliver change faster
  • Reduce the resistance to change and protect the quality
  • Reduce confusion and lag time
  • Smart analytics to identify risks early

Features our customers love

Use it in minutes

Create a tour and embed it to your website. It takes just a few minutes to enhance your product experience with Usetiful.

Customized UI to your product

Usetiful tours appear like native part of your product, with customizable styling and branding.

3rd party content support

Tours can present videos, interactive forms or other embedded content.

Event triggering

Whole tour or specific step gets triggered in the right situation, when user explores relevant part of your solution.

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Usetiful Free Usetiful Plus Usetiful Enterprise
Price Free 19.99 EUR / month Contact us
Interactive on-site walkthroughs Yes Yes Yes
Usage Up to 200 assists (sessions) / month Up to 500 assists (sessions) / month Unlimited traffic
Co-branding Font & Colors Advanced Advanced
Browser extension No No Yes
Walkthrough personalization No No Yes
Content creation Basic content editor (requires technical skills) Visual and interactive content editor Initial content co-created by Usetiful team
Support with content creation No Access to community content & tips Training of content managers (e.g. HR team)
Analytics No Walkthrough usage Deep insights and analytics, recommendations for improving user experience
Support Email support Email support 24/7 support with SLA
Hosting Cloud Cloud Cloud or hosted locally
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Useful + Beautiful = Usetiful!

Usetiful Digital Adoption Platform (DAS) builds beautiful user experiences. Digital step-by-step guides help users to learn how to use products or new features. Our comprehensive onboarding solution assists new employees to quickly start using digital tools and complete their tasks successfully. Existing employees can easily adapt to changes by proactive cross-product guided tours.