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with no-code notifications and interactive walkthroughs

Feature adoption - engage users with in-product campaigns

Engage users with in-product campaigns

Build and deliver your in-app campaigns without need to wait for a release. Rapidly experiment with in-app notifications without depending on development teams. Promote new features, monetize our users and collect feedback.

Drive feature adoption

Drive feature awareness

Introduce new features with interactive step-by-step tutorials and gather instant feedback from your users. Continually highlight them with product tours and create a habit of using them.

Feature adoption - fast and cheap monetization experiments

Fast and cheap monetization experiments

Right user, right moment, right message. Rapidly experiment with monetization and find out the true recipe into your user’s hearts and wallets. Leverage the usage data from product tours to identify the most promising moments in the user journey and use Usetiful in-app notifications to deliver the message. Measure the conversion rate with the Usetiful call-to-action buttons.

Improve user retention with feature adoption

Improve user retention

While confusion is the enemy of the user onboarding, boredom is ruining your user retention. Let your advanced users discover nice surprises, such as early access features. Introduce small tutorials on advanced functionalities to ensure that your users continue learning.

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Customer Story

User activation increase by 25%

Calendify helps people to book appointments online. The team identified a problem that most users have never completed the setup of their accounts. The simple product tour from Usetiful’s Digital Adoption Platform helped users to use their accounts to its full potential. The completion rate of the account setup increased by 25% during just one month. Read the story →

Customer Story - Calendify
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