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Ultimate solution for consent management

Usetiful provides a fully featured consent solution with everything you need to get and maintain consent from your users. You can rely on compliant and auditable consent management for cookies, trackers and mailings.

GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-ready

GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-ready

Compliant and auditable consent management trust of your users and safety of your business

Complete solution

Complete solution

Trackers consent, cookie consent, mailing consent, and more, all under one roof! Seamless user experience and consistent business logic for all use cases.

Great user onboarding

Great user onboarding

Ask for consent in the context of user onboarding walkthroughs. Whitelabel the solution into the look & feel of your product with custom styles and wording.

Convenient Consent Provision

Convenient consent provision

Be compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, EU), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and LGPD (Brazil) requirements while maintaining a seamless onboarding experience for your users.

Do not break the user experience by disconnected messages - instead, integrate the consent provision directly into the onboarding flow.

Auditable Consent

Auditable consent

Usetiful provides you with an auditable consent log, protecting you in case of a dispute or an audit from state authorities.

Cross-device consent sharing

Cross-device consent sharing

Apply user’s choice to all user’s devices. Avoid asking for the same consent again just because a user logged in from different device.

Customer self service onboarding

Opt-in reporting

Get valuable insights on how users opt-into various services. Understand the consent decisions in the context of the onboarding flow and specific user segments.

Let users to manage their consents

Let users to manage their consents

Make Consent Management easily available within the Usetiful onboarding widget.

And that's not all...

Build user onboarding in minutes

Custom theme and white-labeling

Customize the style of the Consent Management to make it look and feel like an integral part of your product.

Build user onboarding in minutes

Multiple languages

Receive consent from your users in their native language. Use the Usetiful’s pre-created translations or provide your own!

Style and customize tours


Optimize the compliance requirements for different regions. Tailor the onboarding experience for specific audiences. Usetiful allows you to set up different Consent Management rules and have them applied for different locations.

Build user onboarding in minutes

Support for teams

Invite your colleagues to collaborate with you directly in the Usetiful tool.

Build user onboarding in minutes

Custom legal clauses

Having your own legal texts or specific clauses? Update the pre-created texts with the ones provided by your Legal.

Style and customize tours

Integrated Release Management

Do you plan to release impactful changes that require new consent from your users? Simply ask users to review their choice.

Frequently asked questions

Consent Management is a system or process (usually both) for enabling users to determine which personal data they are willing to share with a business. Businesses all across the world are responsible for collecting and managing customer consent.

According to GDPR, consent is one of the six lawful cases to process customer data. If a company processes customer data without a lawful reason, the consequences can be drastic: The GDPR allows the EU's Data Protection Authorities to issue fines of up to €20 million (around $24.1 million) or 4% of annual global turnover (whichever is higher).

The Consent Management Platform (CPM) helps businesses to stay compliant while maintaining the best user experience for their users.

Usetiful is focused on improving the user onboarding of digital products, aiming to improve product adoption and reduce user churn. In recent years, obtaining consent has become a standard part of the onboarding experience. Consent management is an area where businesses can build or break trust with users, therefore we believe it is the responsibility of Usetiful Digital Adoption Platform to provide a compliant, trustworthy and seamless solution to our customers.

According to Harvard Business Review, transparency in data processing can improve opt-in rates by 11% and improve the revenue from a product by 38%.

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The last Consent Management you’ll ever need

There are many good solutions for cookie consent, tracker consent, emailing consent, and more. It is complex, however, to provide a consistent experience and business logic for your users with fragmented solutions. Usetiful works on an end-to-end Consent Management solution that will cover all your use cases. Truly, the last Consent Management you’ll ever need.

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